Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Improving your Personalized Homepage

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Need to get rid of the space between your search bar buttons and modules?

Fig 1: Less space between buttons and modules.
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(No distance module)
Caution: The module is hidden. I have not found a way to remove it.
What is that arrow on the left? It’s a minimize/maximize module for all those clogged personalized homepages.

Fig 2: Maximized modules (Left). Minimized modules (Right)
It is a great module. It remembers the last state (min/max) of the modules. Here is the module's web site
(Update: Use to be customize Modules.xml. Per request by the module owner, it is now collapseModules.xml):
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(Min/Max module)

All we need is a module for tabbed pages. I think it would be relatively easy to create. Notice that developer’s module lists your modules (except Google’s). If somebody can figure out a way to take that list and organize it into rendered tabs. Volunteers?
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