Monday, June 05, 2006

Tab your Google Personalize Homepage - Beta

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Last week, I posted "Improving your Personalized Homepage" with a request to have a tabbed page module. Presto! After a discussion in the Google forums with the module creator, we have a beta tab module (Within 5 days!). Since this is in beta, use at own risk.

Theory Behind Module:
All modules are loaded and managed within columns. Based on this fact, you can manipulate the modules to be visible/hidden within each column (display:none; for all you CSS gurus). Since there is no access to the backend of Google Personalized Homepages, the loading time will increase if you have lots of modules because all modules are loaded regardless of tabs.

Note: The module is undergoing lots of changes based on feedback. Screenshots might not reflect the current version of the module.

Adding the Module:
Fig 1. Tab Module/Tab Bar

When you add the tab module, a tab bar will appear between your search buttons and modules. (Fig. 1 - Circled in Red).

Add to Google
(Tab Module)

Adding a Tab:
Click “New Tab”. I added a tab called Knowledge (Fig. 1) and the first tab is All (Default: All Modules <= Must have at all times).

Moving modules between tabs:

Fig 2. Moving modules between tabs.

This is a little tricky because there is no feedback when moving modules.
Click “Show Setup” > Click “T” on the title bar to select the module (Fig. 2 - Circled in Red) > Click the desired Tab name (Fig. 2 - Circled in Blue). Module should disappear. Done!

Fig 3. Clicking the "Knowledge" Tab

To verify, click on the tab name and the module(s) should be there (Fig. 3).

Deleting/Renaming a tab:
Click “Show Setup” and options will appear below the tab.

Remember, this is still in beta and I have found a few bugs (nothing major yet) when deleting tabs. To send feedback, go to this forum post or email me (I will email Matt, module creator).

Stay tuned for 'Puzzles 101' part 2!

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