Friday, September 15, 2006

Wei-Hwa's Puzzle Challenge Number 17

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September 15, 2006:

Pipe Spin: Spin the pipes such that all pipes become green.

Rules: One pipe has a "water source" (colored green), and anything connected to that pipe also gets water. To win, all pipes must be connected. On harder levels, pipes may "wrap around" (connections above reconnect to connections below, and same for left-to-right). To win, all pipes must get to the "water source".

How to Play: Click on a pipe to rotate it 90 degrees clockwise. After choosing a new puzzle, you may have to resize your browser window a bit to force the refresh.

The pipe images are not showing as of writing this entry. Wei-Hwa, images are not showing...

Answers / Solutions:

Answers are usually (and will be) posted in the comments section. Full answers will be posted on the solvepuzzles page.

Due to the random puzzles, answers will be different based on your pipe layout. Example of a solved puzzle:

I will post the solutions later.

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