Friday, July 28, 2006

Wei-Hwa's Puzzle Challenge Number 10

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July 28, 2006: Mini Kakuro: For this variant of Cross Sums, place the digits from 1 through 6 in the crossword-like grid so that no digit appears more than once in any "word" and that the sum of the digits in the word match the indicated sum (on the left for "across" clues and above for "down" clues). No digit appears more than 6 times.

Drag letters from the "palette" on the left into the grid to place them. You'll know you've solved it when all the sums turn green. Click on a cell to get a keyboard-sensitive cursor.

I must say that I like this puzzle. It was really fun to solve. As for hints, the wikipedia article for cross sums gives you several possibilities for combinations under the "Possible Sums" section.

Firefox allows you to type the answers in (Does not work on IE). Click on the box until a grey box with a white question mark appears. Type in the number and it should appear. (Only works with main keyboard numbers. Not numpad). To delete a number, click on the number or replace it.

An individual by the name of Adam sent me a PERL solver. I will test it out and post it later.

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