Monday, June 19, 2006

Google Minesweeper? Minesweeper and the "P=NP?".

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Have you heard of Google Minesweeper (The web app)?

Take note of the ads beside the screenshot. Mine sweeping by Ooooo. Of course this is not real (or is it, no its not, yes is it, no its not....)

Good at minesweeper?
World's First Global Minesweeper Competition. The Fastest, Best and Record Minesweeper Times.

Good at REAL mine sweeping?
A charity specializing in the removal of the debris of war.

Minesweeper and mathematics:
I have been reading a few interesting topics on minesweeper, here are links that focus on minesweeper and the "P=NP?".

Clay Mathematics Institute: Ian Stewart on Minesweeper
Richard Kaye's Minesweeper Pages
Richard Kaye's Minesweeper Pages FAQ

To think that minesweeper was just a bundled windows game that reduced office productivity. They even have a webring (Ah, the 90's).

Ok, what is next on Wei-Hwa's puzzle challenge?
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