Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Answer to Wei-Hwa's Puzzle Challenge 3 using PERL Code

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I received two sets of PERL code for puzzle 3. I am putting one on hold because he used a 4x4 matrix instead of a 5x5. I think it is a great way for all you computer science students/professionals to build up on those coding skills. As long as the puzzles can be logically solved / decoded / decrypted / calculated / mathematically represented (Don’t expect a computer to watch a video and count the amount of books in one segment of the video. At least not yet), you should be able to solve these puzzles using code.

Code by Adam B: p3-adamb.pl
Gives you a nice matrix. If you want to contact the author, you can get his email address from me.

Code in C by DavidB: PuzzlingAddiction

Keep up the good work! Love all that code. Puzzles 101 Part 3 will be up before the next puzzle.
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