Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Problems with Wei-Hwa's Puzzle Challenges

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Update: It was fixed yesterday afternoon (2006-06-13). Back to puzzle solving.

The puzzle is down. You can see the puzzle but the images will not render (except that photo of Wei-Hwa himself). If you view an image from the puzzle, you will get this error.

It is hosted on Google Pages and looks like the bandwidth exceeded. I did make a comment on the size of pictures for puzzle 1.
Note to Wei-Hwa, friends/colleagues of his if you are reading this:

The 4 numbers and 3 symbols are represented by 7 different image files with a total 250 Kb (it could have been done with 2 image files). This makes loading the page really slow!
And yes everybody, I am not Wei-Hwa. So stop sending his love letters/marriage proposals to me. Send them to weihwa.feedback@gmail dot com.

You will have to solve the puzzle manually or use code. Here is the link to the puzzle picture.
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