Friday, July 14, 2006

Wei-Hwa's Puzzle Challenge Number 8 by Google

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July 14, 2006: Knight Swap: Swap the positions of the white and black knights in as few moves as possible. There are 6 different challenges; click on the letters of the logo (at left) to change challenges.

Inspired by the work of Henry Ernest Dudeney and Serhiy Grabarchuk. Minimal movecounts generated by a program partially written by Jim Leonard.

If you do not know chess, Knights move in an L Shape.

You will have to manually check your answer. Check your answer (number of moves) by clicking on the "best" button.

Moves to solve puzzle:
  • G = 22 Steps (Medium)
  • o = 8 Steps (Easy)
  • o = 8 Steps (Easy)
  • g = 16 Steps (Medium)
  • l = 34 Steps (Hard)
  • e = 20 Steps (Medium)

Answers / Solutions:
Answers are usually (and will be) posted in the comments section. Using the picture coordinates above, submit your answers based on the moves in list form (Exclude bracket information). Sample move using the red '0':

'0' Part 2 Example:
1. C1-D3 (White from C1 to D3)
2. B1-A3 (White from B1 to A3)
3. B4-A2 (Black from B4 to A2)

Solved: G, o, o, g , l, e
As sad as this sounds, I solved 'l' in my sleep. Woke up and found out that Felipe Andrade beat me to it. I was hoping I solved it before an answer was posted. :) Great work Felipe! His answer is a little different but the piece movements are the same.

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