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Wei-Hwa's Puzzle Challenge Number 5 by Google

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June 23rd, 2006: Three weeks ago I was playing in The Game. One particular challenge was a timed maze (written by Stanford students Rachel Weinstein and Frank Losasso) that we had to play on a dance pad. It took my team surprisingly long, probably because we hadn't slept for 20 hours and we had failed to notice an important rule...

Now, you can share a little bit of that experience. Start clicking and see if you can figure out the rules and solve the maze. When you win, you won't be able to reset the puzzle any more -- that's deliberate.

Instructions are a little vague. Here are 3 to clarify the puzzle.

1. Only ten steps allowed to complete puzzle (11 is not accepted).
2. Map is an 8x8 grid. Plotting the map using hints below makes solving easier.
3. You start at (1, 1) or (1, A) with the end coordinate of (5, 5) or (5, E)
(See maze map below. I would have used coordinate (0, 0) but this is also for all non math people.)

Biggest hint to solve this puzzle (if you dont look at the code) is to plot the map based on your movements. Here is an example. x = confused person who needs to exit the maze, 1= valid movement, 0 = invalid movement, d = down, u = up, l = left, r = right, dl = down left, etc.

fig1: Start screen (left is game-pad, right is map plot)

We all start (1, 1) with the option of going 'down' or 'down-left' (game-pad). Plot the current possibilities on a map (map plot). We will move 'down' for this example.

fig2: 2nd Move (left is game-pad, right is map plot)

Relocate the 'person' to the new coordinate. Mark the old position as 1 (blue). Now that we have moved down, we are presented with three new options 'down', 'right', or 'up' on the game-pad. We know from fig 1 that there is a movable space on the left of the 'person' (yellow one). Since the current right (yellow zero) of the person was an invalid move in fig 1, there is only one way to draw the new map. New map is drawn using the green 1's/0's with 3 new possible movements (1's adjacent to the 'x'.

Update: Based on your selected movement, 'x' will face towards that direction. In the example above, since 'x' moved down, 'x' is now facing green 1. On the game pad, up = move forward to green 1 with options of moving right to yellow 1 and down to blue 1 (back to (1, 1))

Continue to build the map this way and rotate the map to let (1, 1) be the top left hand corner.

Colors do not get any more Google than that. :)

The Great Map of the Maze:

Answers / Solutions:
There are 2 solutions (10 moves).

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