Friday, June 30, 2006

Wei-Hwa's Puzzle Challenge Number 6 by Google

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Puzzle June 30th, 2006:

Confounded Compounds: Each of these words is the synonym of a 4-letter word. Pair them up to create 8-letter words. For instance, if you saw "quotation" and "treatise", you could come up with textbook. Warning: These "compound" words are anything but textbook!
  • antiquated
  • genuine
  • blemish
  • harvest
  • chessman
  • inlet
  • chimney
  • innate
  • circlet
  • maiden
  • classify
  • municipality
  • completed
  • obligation
  • comprehend
  • oppugn
  • constraint
  • pinnacle
  • discomfort
  • placed
  • enthusiasm
  • platter
  • equitable
  • pome
  • fashion
  • remnant
  • fellow
  • spoken
  • forfeit
  • supplication
  • fulminate
  • unrestrained
When you think you have an 8-letter word, enter it here. If you're right, it will appear next to the appropriate pair.

Need help? Try dragging the words around to swap their positions. A correct pair will turn green, while a correctly-paired set in the wrong order will turn yellow.

Use a Thesaurus or Dictionary.

Answers / Solutions:
Answers are usually (and will be) posted in the comments section.

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