Friday, October 06, 2006

Wei-Hwa's Puzzle Challenge Number 20

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October 06, 2006:

Mister Mind.

Mister Mind has challenged you to guess his secret color code. For each guess of yours he's given indicator pegs on the side; but, the evil Mister Mind always adds an extra peg just to keep things confusing. You only have one guess left, so you better make sure it's correct!

The rules are similar to Mastermind®; a black peg indicates that a color is in the correct position, while a white peg stands for a color that is correct but in the wrong position. The only difference is that each row always has an extra peg, which can be white or black. No guesswork is required; there's always enough information for you to be able to deduce the correct code.

How to Play.

You may click on the cells of the rows to "make notes" -- the background can be cycled among three different colors. When you are ready to submit your answer, click on the colored pegs on the right to submit your answer. You may click the arrow to "backspace"; however, once you click the fourth color, it will be submitted instantly, so be careful! The stats are for entertainment purposes only, and are pretty easy to cheat -- so you're only cheating yourself.

Answers / Solutions: Answers are usually (and will be) posted in the comments section. Full answers will be posted on the solve puzzles page.

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