Friday, November 03, 2006

Wei-Hwa's Puzzle Challenge Number 24

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Whyme Rhyme 2: Find the non-rhyming pairs of words that only differ in their first letter, such as LEMON DEMON.

The words may or may not be proper nouns. Pronunciations are assumed to be standard American English, but these pairs will fail to rhyme in almost all dialects of English. (For more Whyme Rhymes, check out the archive.)

How to Play.
Simply type your guess in the box. Spaces and capitalization don't count, but spelling does! You can try as much as you want without penalty. If you have solved a puzzle already and want to see the original clue, try parking your mouse over the answer.

In the direction of milquetoasts
A serviceman stationed closer to the tropics
Description for teeth that could be a bit whiter
The right person to be reaching
Famous actor from Sheffield
StarbucksĀ® concoction that isn't very shiny
Attempts to popularize grassy plants
What to press a doorbell with
A new sort of miserable dwelling
Pours out trigonometric functions
Mexican food from a city in central Texas
An amazing thing that one likes better

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